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Bank on Marion


The average unbanked family spends in excess of $750 per year just to pay their bills


Bank on Marion can help you:

> Gain access to a free or low-cost checking account so you can keep more of your money.

> Stop currency exchanges and check cashing stores from taking your money with high interest gimmicks and fees.

> Overcome past financial or credit problems

so you can open a checking account without any hassle.

> Open an account even if you are not a U.S. Citizen or don’t have a Social Security number. Most of the Bank on Marion partners accept Mexican Consular Marticula cards, Guatemalan Consular identification cards and any foreign passport.

>Learn to make the most of your money.

Bank On Marion has free programs to help you learn to manage your money.


  1.  Find a participating bank or credit union near your home or work. Check the list of our partners in this brochure or look for the Bank On Marion sign at a bank or credit union near you.
  2. Ask them about opening an account through Bank on Marion. Our partners have special programs designed just for you. They’ll answer your questions and help you open an account that fits your needs.
  3. Remember to bring some photo identification. You will need an Illinois ID, ITIN, passport, Mexican Consular Matricula card or Guatemalan Consular identification card. Most banks will request a second form of identification, such as a utility bill, certificate of naturalization, union membership card, health insurance card or a government aid card.
  4. Open your new bank account. A person at the bank will walk you through the entire process. They can even help you sign up for free money management training classes so you can get the most from your account. Our partners are here for you 

Open your own bank account by visiting any of the 9 financial institutions throughout the city that have partnered with Bank on Marion



Many non-profits in the Marion area will provide free financial literacy training and/or information about Bank on Marion to help you with your new checking account. These include :

Housing Authority of the City of Marion

Marion Sr. Citizens Center

Salvation Army

United Way of SI

The Lighthouse Shelter

Lutheran Social Services

Bank On Marion is brought to you by the City of Marion, Illinois State Treasurer’s Office, Federal Reserve Bank and local agencies as part of the Bank On Illinois campaign. If you have questions or comments about our statewide campaign, visit www.bankonillinois.

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