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Marion Carnegie Library

The Marion Carnegie Library was was constructed beginning in 1915 with a grant of $18,000 from the Andrew Carnegie Foundation. The library was designed by Clifford Shopbell of Evansville, Indiana and constructed by Robert Sparks of Marion. The library was opened to the public February 29, 1916 with 1,162 volumes and 680 borrowers.

The library has changed many times over the years with the biggest change in 1997 that added 12,000 square feet. The expansion was sympathetic to the original design and appearance of the building.

Marion's public library is the best and most active library in all of Southern Illinois.  It is one of the public libraries that is recognized for its excellent facilities, staff and programs by the State Library of Illinois.  It is known to be one of the leaders in the Shawnee Library System.

Excellent public libraries are one of the things that new businesses and potential new residents look for.  We had over 147,000 people come through our doors last year.  That is almost 500 people per day that we are open.  I believe that demonstrates the value that is placed on the library by the citizens of Marion and Williamson County.  We are a business, intellectual, cultural and entertainment entity.  The library offers access to the world and to the world's resources to our patrons and to the city.  Libraries have become the center of communities throughout the United Sates.  This is especially true in these tough economic times

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